The Papaver Somniferum Photo Gallery
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Opium Poppy Photo Gallery
The Main Opium Poppy Photography Archive.

Photographs provided courtesy of the The Izmir Oil and Spice Company.

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Historical Papaver Somni-forum User Galleries Somni-Forum members show off their poppy patches and gardens.

This gallery is obsolete and is presented for historical purposes. The current user galleries can be found as part of the community forums.

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Anonymous Users (22010 views) Burrabit (30205 views) Lizard King (38902 views) Molly Maguire (13055 views) Orthros (11982 views) Psilocybe Cubensis (17673 views) Roadrunr (13689 views) UK Grower (17435 views) Rock (9107 views) Fudd (6807 views) Almosthuman BiPolar Psychic (5835 views)
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Opium Poppy Tutorial Images
Tutorial galleries -- Opium poppy identification and papaver somniferum growth stages.

Non-somniferum poppy varieties are also identified, including examples of opium poppy seeds and photographs of various opium poppy seed varieties.

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Poppy Identification (91465 views) Poppy Growth Stages (71214 views) Week One (24209 views) Week Two (20187 views) Week Three (14368 views) Week Four (14165 views) Week Five (14298 views) Week Six (17188 views) Week Seven (16502 views) Week Eight (26556 views)